Werribee Gorge – again

After my last walk at the gorge went for just two hours, I thought I’d head out again and try and lengthen my next trip by checking out the Centenary Trail.

The trail branches off the gorge circuit trail and heads out to a landform called the James Whyte Island Reserve. It’s been given the ‘island’ tag because it looks like one, with the Werribee River and gorge on one side and Myrniong Creek and its valley on the other. It’s quite am impressive sight, flat topped, steep sided and covered in grass.


The island, through the trees


The track leave the gorge circuit trail and descends gently through open, rocky  woodland into the gorge, reaching the bottom at Junction Pool. It’s a pretty spot to sit and while away the time. A sign says it’s a place where native water rats and platypus make their home. From there the track crosses Myrniong Creek and steeply climbs the edge of the island.

Junction Pool

Junction Pool

In the valley you can see plenty of green plastic protectors for newly planted young trees and shrubs. A sign along the track explains they’ve been planted in an effort to create a bush corridor to connect the Lerderderg park in the north with the Brisbane Ranges in the south. Fingers crossed it works.

The view from the top of the island is impressive – down steep sides into the gorge and all the way to Melbourne’s skyline, the Dandenong Ranges and You Yangs Regional Park.

I followed the track back to the gorge circuit and then instead of doing the full circuit, took the short circuit walk for something different. It was an easy although slippery walk on hard compacted earth that had a thin layer of moss on it. The track came out at Meikles picnic area where I had lunch and a nice hot drink using my little gas stove. Bit of a shame to see a burnt out van in the picnic area. Obviously something criminal happened there in the two weeks since I last visited.

A wary wallaby

Followed the same track I walked the last time I was here, saw another koala, got to the car and headed home. This time I was out for about four hours. Still time to get home and clean the bathroom.




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