The Domino Trail

About an hour’s drive north-west of Melbourne is Trentham.

It’s a quiet, cute little country town with a couple of cool cafes too. Red Beard Bakery is legendary for its breads, lunches and sweet treats while Du Fermier is more upscale.

Trentham also has a nice walk called the Domino Trail.

The old Trentham train station

The old Trentham train station

It starts at the town’s historic train station, which is now a tourist information centre, and follows an old, disused rail line through the Wombat State Forest.

One of my favourite things about Victoria is the rail trails around the country-side. It’s nice to know that while trains may no longer run along them, they’re still there for walkers and bike riders to explore.

The Domino Trail is an easy, flat, straight walk that makes for a pleasant way to walk off lunch and any treats from the cafes: for me last weekend, a custardy, creamy, delicious pastry from Du Fermier.

The Domino Trail

The Domino Trail

The trail is around five kilometres long, or a 10km return trip.

It passes through areas of forest that were once logged but are now protected as habitat for the endangered Powerful Owl. It also crosses a couple of creeks and through areas of swamp, but there’s no risk of getting your feet wet on the raised bed of the old railway.

End of the line

End of the line

There’s a loop near the end of the walk, but we misread the map and missed the turn off. So instead we walked to the trail’s end at Lyonville and then retraced our steps back to Trentham.





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