Coffee and cycling – a great combination

Why is it that coffee and cycling go so well together?

At the end of my training rides I reward myself with a coffee and treat at my local café before going home.

After levering myself, groaning, off my bike, I plonk myself down at a footpath table, stretch my legs out and order a flat white.

I’ll also gather up the weekend paper for a browse or check out Twitter or Facebook or check out my day’s riding stats.

And then the coffee comes. And that first sip is divine. I can’t explain it but the intense exercise and exhaustion make it taste so much better than any other time.

Maybe because I know it’s a little reward to myself for the effort I’ve put in that day and that makes it taste all the better.

Today’s treat was a triple chocolate cookie, which I definitely deserved, after slogging away into a 20-30kph headwind the whole way home. Other days it might be a berry muffin.

But I’m not the only rider with a fixation for coffee.

On my rides down the Mornington Peninsula I pass plenty of cafes and most have bikes leaning along their walls outside, lycra clad riders sipping coffees and chatting at outdoor tables.

And then there are the bike shops that have added a coffee machine and turned part of themselves into a café.

Even McDonald’s has gotten into the act, with the one in Frankston erecting a metal bar in their carpark where riders can hang their bikes while they stop for a rest.

Anyway, whatever it is that makes cycling and coffee such a great fit, may it long continue.

(Again, sorry about the lack of pictures. As I said in my last post, I’m too busy pedalling! Need a Gopro – hint Santa)


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