A cyclist’s lament – Glueless tube patches

Two words – they suck. Well, at least the ones I bought and used recently are.

I thought I’d give them a go after a guy at the local bike shop said they worked. Hah! They didn’t – twice!

I’d used two patches on a tube I got punctures in while riding my mountain bike down the Delatite River trail I’ve written about before. I put that repaired tube into a tire to replace a punctured tube, pumped it up and about an hour later found the tire was flat again. When I checked the tube, one of the patches had split and the puncture hole opened up again.

I replaced that tube with another tube I’d fixed with a glueless patch and pumped it up. About an hour later, I found my tire flat again. There are no words to describe my frustration. I took the tube out and, sure enough, the patch had split.

I decided to cut my losses and put a brand new tube in. I also took the patches off the other tubes and re-patched them with vulcanised patches using glue. Much better.

So, after two attempts, I’ve decided glueless patches, especially the Zefal ones I had, aren’t for me. A friend suggests that I haven’t given them enough of a chance as he says he’s never had problems with them.  But he uses a different brand. Anyway, I’ve learned my lesson and it’s the back to the traditional patches for me.


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