Monthly Archives: February 2014

St Andrews Ride

I’m back in training for the Otway Odyssey, a 100km mountain bike race in April, and so trying to rack up the kilometres on my legs. I did this ride on the outskirts of St Andrews, about an hour-and-a-half drive from Melbourne, a couple of weeks ago. Lots of fun. Although I did fall off at one stage but thankfully I’d managed to slow down enough before coming off ¬†that I didn’t do much damage. My camera wasn’t on at the time so, unfortunately, there’s no movie of it.

By the way, St Andrews is a fantastic little town, especially on a Saturday when it hosts a market. The market has a great, laid back, happy vibe. Just across the road are a couple of great cafes too. It’s well worth a Saturday day trip. And if you want to, you can head back to Melbourne via wineries in the Yarra Valley. Good times!