A beech walk in the hills

It wasn’t a sandy beach walk for us when we went up to explore some trails around Marysville, a country town around two hours drive east of Melbourne.

Instead, it was a beech walk of the tree variety that drew us out into the crisp, clean mountain air.

The Beeches is a nice, easy rainforest circuit walk that takes you along the swiftly flowing Taggerty River and its roaring waterfalls and cascades.

Cascades on the Taggerty River

Cascades on the Taggerty River

It was a sunny day the day we went but we still ended up getting pretty damp as overgrown sections of the track were still wet from rain the day before.

It’s amazing how quickly your pants become soaked when pushing through high grass that looks as if it’s got just a few droplets of water on it. All those droplets add up.

Overgrown section of the trail

Overgrown section of the trail

Ah well, first world problems.

Bushfires went through the area five years ago and the bush is still regrowing. Dead tree trunks loom over the regrowth, a sad reminder of what was once there.

Thankfully the rainforest around the river was obviously too damp for the fires to take hold there and the trees and ferns around it were spared.

The town of Marysville was almost wiped out by the fires but the community is steadily rebuilding.

The bakery is a reliable place for lunch and there are cafes in town too.


2 thoughts on “A beech walk in the hills

  1. Dayna

    It’s looking pretty good at the moment isn’t it?
    We must get up there. Many leeches?
    On a different topic (sorry) did you see 7:30’s story tonight on cyclist safety? You’re still using your camera on daily rides, right?

  2. imahiker Post author

    Didn’t see any leeches. I’m keen to get up there again. Beautiful part of the world.
    I didn’t see that 7.30 report about cycling safety. It’s certainly becoming a big issue. The Weekend Australian magazine had a piece last weekend. I was worried it might be anti riding given the Oz’s negative editorial line on cyclists but it was actually very good. Highlighted the terrible consequences for cyclists of drivers who crash into riders. Hopefully it sparks some drivers to be patient and considerate but also riders to also take responsibility for their own road behaviour and obey road rules. And for authorities to take more seriously punishing drivers who hit cyclists. Demerit points and small fines for drivers who seriously injure a person on a bike is appalling.


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