I did a dumb thing

Here’s a tip for new GoPro users: try and remember when you’ve changed the rear door on the waterproof case from the solid version to the one with vents.

That was my dumb thing. An expensive dumb thing.

I was out kayaking at Pittwater, north of Sydney, and decided have a go at doing an underwater video. It was the first time I’d taken the GoPro onto and into the water. Salt water at that.

I put it in the water, hoping to capture pictures of some fish swimming around the kayak when I noticed bubbles coming up from the case.

I remember thinking “that’s not right” for an instant before quickly pulling it out from underwater, realising what was happening and what I’d done.

A little while ago I’d changed the rear door from the solid one which makes the case waterproof, for the vented one because I’d wanted to try capturing more sound on my mountain bike rides.

But my memory lapse meant sea water got into the case and into the camera.

I took the camera out of the case, took the battery out and did my best to get as much of the water out of the camera as I could before paddling back to the house to put it in the sun hoping to dry it out.

Back at the house I started Googling how to save a GoPro after it’s gotten wet.

Some forums said there was nothing that could be done while others offered tips on what to do.

Some said douse it in vinegar to get rid of corrosion on the battery terminals, others said douse it in fresh water to rinse out the salt water, and others said just leave it to dry out or bury it in rice for a few days to draw the moisture out.

I tried leaving it in the sun and the rice trick but unfortunately they didn’t work. It’s dead. It won’t turn on anymore. Some forums said if it was on when it got submerged in sea water the electronics would be fried. And I think that’s what may have happened.

So, I’ve learnt a lesson. I’ve bought a new GoPro and I don’t think I’ll be changing the rear door of the case again.




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