Why I won’t be going back to Tidal River

Sometimes camping really sucks.
Like when the campsite you’re at has had a wedding booked at it and the frigging nightclub music doesn’t stop until 1.30am.
That was my recent Saturday night at Tidal River at Wilsons Promontory with a friend after we’d just walked over 20km on blistered feet (to be the subject of another blog) and were looking forward to an early night and a long sleep. But it was not to be.
Even with earplugs it was impossible to drown out the racket. The dull thump thump bass of a DJ’s beats were constant. At every pause between songs we silently wished that was the last. We were disappointed often.
Tidal River is a very popular campsite, with families as well as walkers and holiday makers there. Few would have got a decent night sleep this night.
There’s something utterly incompatible with this scenario. A beautiful natural location, managed by Parks Victoria, the government organisation charged with looking after our wilderness areas, hosting a loud, intrusive wedding and reception.
I realise there may be a view that parks should have to pay their way. But to the detriment of what makes them special? And disruptive to other users?
Anyway, I’ve learned my lesson and won’t be going back to stay at Tidal River. And I’d recommend anyone thinking about it to carefully consider what they may end up experiencing.


5 thoughts on “Why I won’t be going back to Tidal River

  1. twothirdswild

    Seriously that is bad!!! I have camped at Tidal River quite often, even during school holidays, and never experienced such a ‘violation’ of camping etiquette. If it were me, I would submit a formal complaint to Parks Victoria. That really goes against the grain! šŸ˜¦

    1. imahiker Post author

      Yeah, we were thinking about saying something to the staff at the visitor centre but we were so tired we wanted to just get out of there. And didn’t think it would achieve anything then. I am thinking I’ll write something to Parks. We thought music until 9pm-10pm at a campsite like Tidal River could be bearable, but 1.30am is not right.

  2. Dayna

    Oooh that’s so inconsiderate! I’d be mightily p****d off too if that’d been me after a long walk. (Or any walk for that matter.) It’s not like it’s free to stay there, either!
    We certainly don’t regret staying at Black Cockatoo Cottages on either of our trips. Yes, it’s a half-hour drive out of the park at the end of (possibly) a long day, but it’s really worth it.

    I do look forward to reading about your hike. Blisters? šŸ˜Š

    1. imahiker Post author

      Thanks Dayna. It’s certainly isn’t cheap to stay there. Over $50 for a campsite, for a patch of dirt to put your tent on, is pretty steep. We’ll be staying somewhere else the next time we’re down there.
      On another note, next blog will be about our trip to the lighthouse cottages. The reason we were there. Which was partly inspired by your own blog about your trip there.

      1. Dayna

        Really?! Fantastic! Cant wait to see your photos and hear about your trip. I loved staying at the lighthouse. (I hope you had better guests there!)

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