Mountain biking at the Buxton MTB complex

About an hour-and-a-half drive east of Melbourne, past the turn off to Marysville, is the Buxton mountain bike complex.

It’s a seven-and-a-bit kilometre loop of single track of up and down and twisting and turning through scrubby forest and tree ferns.

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And it’s great fun.

There are also linking side tracks to explore when going around a second and third time.

In the wet it’s a bit slippy and, being the fraidy cat I am about falling off, I take it a bit slow. But in the dry it’s a blast. Especially the twisting downhill sections and the track’s sloping berms.


2 thoughts on “Mountain biking at the Buxton MTB complex

  1. Jane

    Looks like a lot of fun and what lovely scenery. I wish I had the joints for mountain bike riding but I suspect I’d hold everyone up. I’d be going slowly or stopping to take pictures! 🙂

  2. twothirdswild

    Funnily enough I have recently been pondering whether or not to acquire a mountain bike. Posts such as yours definitely help to tip the scales in favour of such an idea, but further research is definitely on my agenda in regards to my capabilities and access to suitable tracks. I do have a newly made track in the Arthurs Seat State Park, which is in my ‘backyard’, but certain sections of it look a bit harrowing for a novice. I plan to walk it first in the off-peak, midweek timeslot, so as not to get run-over, and see if it is something I could master in short sections. Other research required is the sort that begs the question, “What the hell kind I bike should I get?” Non the less, thanks for giving me a taster of what lies ‘out there’ in the scary world of mountain bike riding. 🙂 Leah


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