Wombat State Forest MTB ride – video

A few weeks ago, before the weather in Melbourne turned cold, grey and rainy, I went for a ride on the mountain bike trails in Wombat State Forest.

The last time I rode out here was a couple of years ago when I did the Wombat 50 MTB race (I wasn’t racing. Just happy to finish) so I’d forgotten what to expect.

What I got was 19km of fast and flowing single track that weaved its way through the forest. There was lots of opportunity for speed down gentle descents while the ascents weren’t too long or taxing.

Great fun.

And as a bonus, Woodend, a nice town off the highway is just a 10 minute drive away. So after a few hours of pedalling the trails, there was time for a reward treat of coffee and cake at one of Woodend’s cafes.

It’s better to watch the video it in HD – less blurry. Not the most exciting edit but still feeling my way through and exploring the GoPro editing software.


2 thoughts on “Wombat State Forest MTB ride – video

  1. Dayna

    Looks like a good track (a couple of close trees, but some cool downhill buts there), but if that’s before the rain, I guess the muddy bits are a lot bigger by now…

  2. imahiker Post author

    Thanks Dayna, in fact, deliberately decided not to go riding last weekend as with all the rain we’ve had I’m sure the trails will be a mess. I’ll wait for them to dry out a bit. So went for a walk on Paul Range in the Yarra Valley instead. Write-up and video to come!


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